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About The Ridiculous Human

Hello. My name is Al Byrne. I am the man responsible for this ferociously uninteresting amassment of hurriedly typed words and hyperlinks to other words. I spend most of my time sleeping, or otherwise loafing in a suitably unproductive manner. During those few times when I’m not occupying myself with reclining comfortably on a cushioned surface, I write. Mostly about music and video gaming.

Other times, I weep.

I can be reached at my parents’ house, where I stay up to medically inadvisable hours of the morning, or by pointing your internet at this thing: aldbyrne[at]gmail[dot]com.

I will be spending the next few years in a Taiwanese prison for undisclosed reasons, but I’ve charged a shoeshine boy I chanced to find in a compromising position with a bloodied rag with updating this blog sporadically in my absence, so you may not notice I’ve gone. Assuming you ever noticed I was here.

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