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It’s Called A Man-ifesto For a Reason

October 19, 2014

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We just want to enjoy our video games without compromising our ethics. So:

1 – Video Game “Journalists” Can No Longer Play Video Games

All too often, these corrupt sell-outs award a game a favourable review, simply because they like it. By separating the game from the reviewer, we’ll prevent these BIASES from forming.

2 – These “Writers” Won’t Be Allowed to Talk to Developers, Publishers, or PR

If they collude, they’ll be corrupt. Journalists should gather their information on upcoming games from Youtube trailers (ideally encoded at 480p, lest they start favouring RESOLUTIONS over GAMEPLAY) and the comments underneath. All other news shall be compiled from unimpeachable MS Paint flowcharts.

3 – These “Journalists” Can No Longer Talk to Each Other

If they’re talking amongst themselves, that means they’re not talking to us about games, which means they HATE games, and by extension, gamers. They hate you. Any protestations they make—they’ll likely say something about dedicating their entire working lives to playing games and informing gamers—is nothing but a smokescreen for their secret Cabalistic mission to DESTROY video games in the name of Social Justice.

4 – We Do not Condone Harassment of Women

This includes inflammatory Twitter mentions, doxxing, death threats, menacing hand gestures, tough faces, derogatory comics, defamatory Youtube videos, offensive songs, and, of course, letter bombs. This extends to all women, with absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

5 – Females, on the other hand…

Females are to women what video game reviews are to press releases—corrupted versions of the same thing. Females are ALWAYS fair game for harassment. We actively encourage it, in fact, and will provide an introductory starter pack for novices in the near future. You may recognise a woman has become a dread Female if you find her in possession of the following:

i) a professional life

ii) a personal life

iii) an opinion, or

iv) reproductive organs

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