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Crusader Kings II: The Corruption of King Eoin

July 15, 2012

"He reminds me of a young Reed Richards."

Crusader Kings II. It has broken me.

I could... dance? To make up for it? Oh. Oh, I see, it's making it worse, isn't it?

I mean, it was entirely justifiable. It was. I can only mentor two children at once, so I have to make some hard choices sometimes. Of course I’m going to mentor Prince Séamus, my son, and heir to my kingdoms of Ireland and Brittany. And it’s just good sense to take young Duchess Isabella under my wing, ensuring her goodwill in the years to come, and converting her from Spanish culture to Irish culture (read: teaching her to value rain and a comhrá over sleepy afternoons and gorgeous, gorgeous football). So what I did was really the only thing I could do. Given the circumstances.

What I did. Hmm.


When Duchess Isabella turned six – schooling age – I already had two wards. Prince Séamus, heir apparent and budding genius, and his younger brother, Prince Conor. It was an overbooking issue, really.

Look: Isabella isn’t family. BUT. She rules, even at her young age, over most of my Iberian duchies. Conor ruled nothing. He was never likely to rule anything. He was of noble descent, never to ascend.

They don't love you like I love you.

And I couldn’t just hand him over to another of my kinsmen  – or worse, a bishop – to be tutored. Too dangerous. Who knows what they’d have taught him? They’d have filled his head with ambition, with greed, with, envy. With religion. They’d have turned him against his older brother. The future king Séamus would have become Conor’s monarch-rival.

No. Too risky. Too risky.

They say power corrupts. Lies, you know. Not true at all. Power is just the currency in which corrupt men trade.

Powerlessness corrupts. Powerlessness made me do it.

Me. Hmmm.

I didn’t kill him. Not personally.

Three hundred and fifty gold coins killed him. Three hundred and fifty gold coins and a word in the ear of my spymaster killed Prince Conor at the tender age of nine.

Not me.

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