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The Itch to Pitch: Adjustment Off in My Hand, Officer!

June 26, 2011

I also think Emily Blunt should make more movies that are better than this one.

Is it ironic that E. Blunt was the least dull part of this movie?


I just meant bureau. I just meant bureau. I just meant bureau. I just meant bureau.

From the team that brought you “The Adjustment Bureau”, the billboard review TV series “The Ad Judgement Bureau”, and the low-budget fish-out-of-water comedy featuring Rob Schneider as a chiropractor forced to moonlight as a Japanese wrestler, “The Adjustment Puro”, comes…

The Adjustment Bureau 2: Elise’s Fur (Hat)

David: In order to afford a fancy new hat for Elise, I’ve decided to join the Adjustment Bureau!

Harry: Um… we’re not really taking anybody on right now.

David: Yes, but look at what I just invented.

Harry: It’s just a bedazzled pink fedora.

David: What, are you stupid? Or what? Or didn’t you notice? It’s got a string too! So it doesn’t fall off when I’m running around. Actually I can’t believe you guys haven’t thought of that. Or, like, maybe use football helmets or something.

Harry: That’s… that’s brillia–

David: Also, I added this cool propellor to the top! Wheeee! Look at it go!

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