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Cluedo: Midsomer Murders Edition

June 21, 2011

And it forever stares back.

A Midsomer Night’s Scream.

Or, hopefully, not.

Let’s solve some charming rural murders.

  • It was the shifty-eyed farmhand in the fallow field with the hay baler!
  • It was the ageing fireman behind the toolshed with the length of hose!
  • It was the senile old pensioner lady on the back roads with the Nissan Micra with a slightly-too-high dashboard!
  • It was Father Smithy behind the tabernacle with a cricket bat!
  • It was the sorrowful miner in the outhouse with the sharp edge of a VHS tape!
  • It was the slimy salesman Mr. McGilligan in the abandoned theatre with the jimmied chandelier!
  • It was the ethnic-looking shopkeep at the hippy music festival with some bad ganja!
  • It was DCI Barnaby in the series finale with an inevitable sense of crushing nihilism!
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