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Had To Crysis 2 Day

May 30, 2011

The ratio of statues-per-game has really skyrocketed since Bioshock's success.

I’m taking this chance to put my fist in your eye while I listen.

It involves train platforms, gratings, and rocket launchers. Just like all good stories.

Two quick observations inspired by Crysis 2.

First observation: why do game devs include anything other than reflex sights for rifles in these modern shootery games? (I guess that’s more of a question than an observation. Shut up all of you.) As soon as they offer reflex sights (and they always do, because reflex sights are bestest), it’s guaranteed that no one in their right minds will use anything else for the duration of the game. Mere iron sights seem basic and crude by comparison, as if they were some awful design hangover from the rifles they used back in the Stone Age. (Um… – History Ed) Assault scopes are terribly ill-suited for any close-range combat: I don’t actually need to aim for any specific pixel within this guy’s eyeball, thanks all the same. And actual laser sights seem so stupid, especially if you essentially as a big quivering coward, since they just immediately give away your position to everyone – it’s frankly hard to believe they’re even used during real life alien invasions. Reflex sights, on the other hand… ooh, they’re just perfect. Look at this description from Wikipedia:

reflector or reflex sight is a generally non-magnifying optical device that allows the user to look through a partially reflecting glass element and see a cross hair or other projected image superimposed on the field of view. This is achieved by placing an image, a cross hair reticle or other pattern, at the focus of a lens and bouncing the image off slanted glass plate, or at the focus of a partially reflecting curved mirror. The viewer looking through the glass plate or curved mirror reflector sees an image of the reticle in front of them that stays in alignment with the device the sight is attached regardless of their eye position (parallax free).

Since their invention in 1900, reflector sights have come to be used as a gun sights on all kinds of weapons from small firearms to fighter aircraft. They are also used in civilian applications such as optical telescope pointing aids, camera viewfinders and as the base component in many types of head-up display.

They were invented in 1900! How are they not the basic aiming device by NOW, never mind whenever Crysis 2 happens (2023, apparently). Although, actually, they might be the basic aiming device by now – I forget what options CoD4 actually offered besides the reflex sight.


Secondly: I currently have this screenshot as my desktop wallpaper. Upon minimising Chrome just now, I immediately noticed the red dots indicating enemies ahead, and unthinkingly pressed Ctrl and MB5 (crouch and cloak, respectively). Here is my observation: I am somehow brain damaged.

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