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Any Ethereal Entanglements

May 28, 2011

"Da da da da, dee dee dee dee, da daaaaa," it goes. Heart murmur, you see.

Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it?

CHARMINGLY. No, shut up.

This one took me by surprise. Not in the sense that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it – more that I actually wasn’t expecting it at all. Entanglement just showed up on my Chrome home page, as some sort of free “app”, without me downloading or installing or knowing it in any way, shape or form, and I only noticed it while uninstalling the Canabalt HD app which stupidly stretches out past my 5:4 screen’s edges, thus DEFEATING THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE GAME.

Anyway: it’s unbidden appearance, while slightly terrifying in a sort of “machines downloading machines” kind of way, also turned out to be a really excellent thing, because Entanglement is a Really Excellent Thing.

It’s the simplest of puzzle games, really: place tiles in such a way that a string of colour can continue through an twisty line into an empty tile, gaining extra points for linking through previously placed tiles using the spare threads, and trying not to run yourself into any dead ends or back into the centre tile along the way. No time limits, no pressure – just a nice, quiet game that rewards careful deliberation and forward thinking.

Naturally, I’m crap at it, but I’m used to that by now.

Enhancing the loveliness, and possibly the loveliest part of all, is the six minutes or so of gently Oriental ambient music that loops in the background. Just the kind of thing you could leave playing in the background while you construct some puns for your inconsequential blog post about a free internet game. Which is exactly what I’m doing, on both counts.

All in all, just the sort of tranquil click-fest a man needs after a day spent shooting MEN in the FACE in the splentacular environs of Crysis 2.

Which reminds me: I meant to write about Crysis 2. Blast. Ne’ertheless, go play Entanglement, my pretty no readers.

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