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The Itch to Pitch

May 22, 2011

Or DID he? No. That's the movie.

Like the need for speed, but more irritating, and requiring application of calamine lotion.

One would presume.

From the people who brought you The Fugitive, US Marshals, and The Fugitive Babies (“Did Baby Doctor Ricky Kimble kill Single Mommy Kimble’s chances of getting a date? Not if Ricky and his best friends Chuck and Kelly can get her in the same room as the handsome new daycare worker!”), it’s…

The Fugitive: Part II

Deputy Gerard: Alright, give it up, Kimble, we’ve got you surrounded! Properly, this time!

*Kimble runs splashily through the sewers*

Deputy Gerard: Dammit, these are new shoes, son!

*Gerard splodgily chases onwards, eventually cornering Kimble, who pulls a pistol on Gerard*

Kimble: I didn’t break that red light! It was amber! Amber!

Deputy Gerard: I… don’t… care!

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