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For a Few Seconds, This Place Was Armageddon…

May 13, 2011



It was like a f(licking) bomb dropped on Beaver Cleaverville. Horrible band, Beaver Cleaverville.

Battle of the Bands

  • Altercation of the Apiarists
  • Brawl of the Bourgeoisie
  • Contest of the Constables
  • Duel of the Dishevelled
  • Encounter of the Ectoplasmic
  • Fisticuffs of the Fecundated
  • Gunfight of the Gentrified
  • Hostility of the Hoteliers
  • Injuring of the Informants
  • Jousting of the Jaunty
  • Kickings of the Kaisers
  • Lock-up of the Lutists
  • Meleé of the Ministers
  • Namecalling of the Negligent
  • Onslaught of the Oblivious
  • Pugilism of the Proletariat
  • Quarrel of the Quadripilegics
  • Rematch of the Rambunctious
  • Skirmish of the Servants
  • Tussle of the Torpid
  • Untowardness of the Upper-class
  • Viciousness of the Violinists
  • War of the Waiting Staff
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