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Koming to a Konklusion on Mortal Kombat Legacy: Part 5

May 12, 2011




Episode 5

I don’t know why, but I sort of liked this one. No, I didn’t expect it either.

Let’s be perfectly clear: it’s not anywhere near “good”, not even in the very relative scale of Mortal Kombat quality. But it’s the first episode (well, sort of – it’s a grey area, since this is the second instalment of a two-parter) to tell even a remotely satisfying story. A clichéd, hamfisted story, still told in an awkward mix of live action and semi-competent animation, and determinedly lacking anything resembling “acting”, I’ll grant you, but it’s still as close as the series has come so far, and dammit, I’ll take whatever small comforts I can get.

But between the two episodes dealing with Kitana and Mileena, there’s a reasonably solid plot developing. Honest. Familial intrigue, sibling rivalry, big ol’ murderin’ fanblades – everything you could want from a modestly-budgeted Mortal Kombat web series. Except for one very important thing, which I think is going to be a recurring problem for EVERY SINGLE ARC OF THIS ILL-CONCEIVED WASTE OF TIME.


An ending.

It’s a frustrating result of that whole “yeah, you can make a Mortal Kombat show, but it’ll be on youtube, and it’s just a really impractical marketing scheme for our new game rather than any sort of sensibly self-contained enterprise” deal that Warner Brothers pulled. Which means that for anyone who can’t afford the game, or doesn’t own a console, or – like me – is just sort of wary about actually spending €40 on a Mortal Kombat game, all we get is a teaser trailer for a character, with no ending in sight. (The deal isn’t much more rewarding for people who bought the game on launch day back in mid-April, either: a month later, they’ve no doubt played each character’s story arc through to conclusion, so there’s no reason for them to sit through some pretty bad youtube trailers just to get a frustrating glimpse at what could have been a modestly entertaining movie, maybe.)

Which I guess was the plan WB had in mind: you want the ending, you buy our game. Which is smart, I guess, except for the bit where it doesn’t work and everyone just gets annoyed with each other, and it ends up being like when you see a TV series end on a cliffhanger, and then it gets cancelled before they can start filming the next series, and so it ends before anyone can resolve anyth

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