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Mike & Molly, By Golly

November 2, 2010

I really wish Two & A Half Men was as bad as this show. As it stands, it's slightly better, so my pathetically low standards allow me to watch it. SHUN ME.

I recently accidentally watched the first minute or so of an episode of Mike & Molly, the new sitcom from the palsied creators of Two & A Half Men. Any misguided hope that it would be better than the Charlie Sheen documentary were quickly and viciously dashed by the realisation that enjoyment of the show hinged on finding funny the premise that the lead characters are grotesquely overweight and very stupid. It failed to please my powerful brain.

So, in the hopes of saving you the effort of ever watching the show, I present to you the almost-genuine first few moments of the episode I just nearly watched.


MIKE, a cop, and OTHER COP, another cop, are in a COP CAR.

MIKE: *hums a Mozart piece*


OTHER COP: Man, what is that tune? You’ve been humming it all morning!

MIKE: That, my friend, is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I went to the symphony last night.


VIEWER kills self

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